{mama} of the month!

We are excited to spotlight our Mama of the Month: Lequita Brooks

As a way of saying thank you and continue our efforts of promoting other mompreneurs, each month we will spotlight a Mama who is making it work at home and in the office!

  • Introduce yourself and tell us about your business.
    lequita mama of the month
    I’m Lequita Brooks, LCSW an Author and practicing Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the State of Florida that specializes in Career Planning, Group Facilitation, Curriculum Development & Implementation, and a Poetry Therapy In Practice Trainer. I am the owner of LCN Enterprise, LLC the Best Career Planning Service in Jacksonville, FL with a Global Reach!
  • What is an average day like for you? Long days! Between Work, Building a Business, being a Dance Mom, and an Evolving Networker; my day starts at 4:30am and ends at 8:00pm
  • How do you find harmony with your work life and your personal life?
    Just get it done! I schedule my business work around my personal and family activities.
  • If you could do it all over again what’s the one thing you would do differently? Relentlessly pursue my entrepreneurial endeavors earlier.
  • What’s a FUN fact that most people don’t know about you? I love Yoga!
  • What one piece of advice would you give to aspiring mompreneurs? We live, sleep, eat, and breathe “Dream Big” at our house. My life’s motto is that it is my responsibility as a Mom to afford my daughter an opportunity to live her Dreams and to leave a legacy for her.  I would say, tap into your children’s strengths and interest and nurture those skills for them to have a jumpstart on living their Dreams.